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Saviour Goomy

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Oct 19 '11

a dramatic reading.

So Loretto and Ettore and Natale are all doing laundry one day and they get on the subject of food as they always seem to do.

And Ettore and Loretto, who are apparently kindred spirits as far as food goes, ends up on the subject of pizza. and they stand there mostly naked talking about how delish all of it is. 

And it is molto bene of course. Its pizza.

Natale is then like guys what. what is pizza what. Because he was apparently born in a haybale and never left and ate hay all his life. WHO KNOWS.

Anyway theyre SHOCKED. What italian is he to not know pizza? WHAT IS HE. So they both decree that one day, in the near feature, they will share the marvel that is pizza.

So then the night of the pizza comes and loretto spends a lot of time working on his masterpiece and ettore helps at first but omg hes clumsy so loretto politely tells him to gtfo because hes dropped and bruised his last beautiful tomato.

Anyway, the pizza is done after loretto spends some more time on it and Natale and Ettore are sitting at probably a table, maybe a crypt who knows in the home tower waiting. 

And ettore is describing pizza when loretto brings it out italian waiter style and tells them its hot so be careful.

AND THEY DIG IN after waiting of course because hot pizza is like eating lava. shit. 

And Natale really enjoys it and says he could eat the whole thing cuz he apparently likes being a fat. And theyre kind of just looking at each other while eating and Ettore notices natale isnt the most graceful of eaters and that hes got a huge piece of cheese hanging down his face. So he reaches over with his soft/rough hands and wipes it off. 

Loretto, a man of love, starts singing then because of course theyre in love. theyre young and womanless. THAT MEANS SOMETHING.

And Ettore looks at loretto and is like :| the hell fratello. 

And natale feels the same way.

SO THEY IGNORE IT MOSTLY and continue eating the delish pizza.

and then, at some point, after a long awkward fit of dr sing mcstripeypants reverberating around the room, they look up at each other.

Their eyes meet. 

Ettore is in the middle of eating a piece and kind of just. Stares. And natale does the same except he isnt in the middle of eating pizza.

CLEARLY, theyre contemplating love. because. you know. in love. and ettores hand with the pizza in it falls and his face is messy because hes GROSS.

and so, very, very, very quickly, natale leans over and kisses ettore (somehow his nose is HUGE). he pulls away, BLUSHING because hes totally that guy and says he had pizza on his face and he was wiping it off.

with a kiss.

and Loretto is like :> young amore.

And they deny it. But its true. 

Theyre in amore.



  1. starberryboos said: this is so good can kat read everything for me forever she reads so flawlessly and dramatically i am in amore
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